About us

grayne + co. Boutique DIY Workshops was started by Laura of Laura Faye Creations.  As a Fusion Mineral Paint Merchant I felt that people needed a place where they could get together to get creative. In our workshops we offer a variety of materials which you can create trendy and customized home décor. We will teach you techniques and show you how to use tools such as drills, hammers and nail guns that you can use for doing your own DIY crafts at home! At the end, you will leave with a piece that you are proud to show off in your home or gift to a friend. Laura is very passionate about her love of DIY and is often approached by others to teach them.  Now you can book a Workshop, learn some new skills and have fun while doing it!

You are never too young or too old to learn something new so that is why at grayne + co. our workshops are for EVERYONE!  Men, women and children who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves, dig in and learn something new.  Sign up for a class or grab a group of friends to book a private event!

We are Eco-Friendly! We use non-toxic, natural wood stains, and Fusion Mineral Paint which contains no VOC’s, which eliminates the health hazard (and NO odor or headache. These products are SAFE for children and pregnant women!) and the impact on the environment!