Troubleshooting for Registration/Checkout Processes

If you are having problems when registering please follow any of these steps based on the issue that is arising.

1)Where is the cart button?

The cart button is located at the top right of the screen on both Mobile device and PC computers.  If you need to see what is in the cart or proceed to checkout DOUBLE TAP the Cart button or the Checkout button.


2)It only shows Google Pay, Apple Pay or PayPal as payment methods

Those methods populate automatically at the top.  If you don't have any of those services or wish not to use them then proceed by entering your email address or cell phone number to continue the checkout process.

3)When I click on the Cart button it shows Cart but it is not showing me the Checkout button just a loading sign

Most likely there is an issue with your internet connection.  Reset your connection and try again or try it on another device.

4)If you are having issues registering on one type of device, just another device.  Sometimes doing it on a mobile device or tablet is not as user friendly as a PC computer.

5)If at anytime you are having issues you can contact the store (403 394 9663) and we can do your registration as an invoice on our end and take your credit card info over the phone. 

6)My payment is being declined/not going thru

Our system will not accept any credit card payment if any of your information is incorrect based on the info you have with your credit card company.  Your postal code is the biggest factor.  If you have recently moved that info needs to be updated.  Whatever information your credit card company has on you that is what you will need to use in the checkout process.  We can not process the transaction on our end either.  

7)How do I delete my cart?

You need to go to the top right of the screen at tap the cart button.  You will then need to DOUBLE TAP the Cart button which will take you to where you can delete items or modify amounts.  There is an X that you need to tap to remove the item(s)

8)I need to register for more than 1 person.
When you are registering for more than 1 person it is best to do each one separately as it is less likely to mess up designs and project sizes. You will then add each of them separately to the cart and pay for the full total when checking out.