April 11th - 530 pm | Private Party Mackenzie

April 11th - 530 pm | Private Party Mackenzie


Do you love to add flowers to your home decor? 

or perhaps love to give them as gifts?

Perhaps you would like to make your own wedding decor?

Thanking you for booking your party at Grayne & Co., to create your very own Wood Flower Arrangement.  Dye your flowers with our Fusion Mineral Paint colors and create your own customizable arrangement.  The Possibilities are Endless!

These flowers look and feel like real flowers and are as light as can be!  Lots of flower style choices.

Flower arrangement consists of approx 18 flowers, filler options available and Centerpiece box (which you will get to customize with paints/stains). 

DATE: Saturday, April 11th
TIME: 530 pm
LOCATION: Unit 20, 4012 - 4th ave S
COST: $65

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