April 7th - 6pm | Interchangeable Truck Sign Workshop

April 7th - 6pm | Interchangeable Truck Sign Workshop


Join us at Grayne & Co. for our NEW Interchangeable Truck Sign Workshop.  This fun sign can sit on a mantel, table, or shelf and the block sits well without attaching it. If you want to hang it on a door, you could add Velcro to attach the interchangeable pieces.

Included is 4 interchangeable signs - Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.  Additional Design pieces are $5 each (and can be added on as kits).

Truck is a wood cutout. Everything comes unassembled so you can customize every piece!

Add WELCOME or your FAMILY Name across the top to give it a little personalization!

Customize your designs with your choice of Fusion Mineral Paint colors and our Water-based Stains.  

Join us:
Date: Tuesday, April 7th
Time: 6 pm
Location: Unit 20, 4012 4th ave South, Lethbridge, AB
Cost: $67

Sign Size: 12" x 18", 4 Interchangeable Signs each 3" x 6"

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