DIY Framed Mini Signs Kit

Want to join us for a workshop but just can't make that work? Want to make your own home decor but don't know where to start? Want to host a craft night with your friends?

Our DIY Framed Mini Sign Kits comes with everything you need to make framed wood sign for your home. It is perfect to make on your own or get a group of friends together for a craft night. Each of you can select your own custom design.

This mini framed wood signs measure 8" x 8" inches. They stand alone and can be easily moved to redecorate as you desire.

Cost $35/each kit. Base price is $25 then you add your 2 options for colors and stain color(which is part of base price) which then adjusts your final price to $35. If you wish to add more colors please feel free to as it will just adjust the overall price of your kit.

This kit includes everything to make 1 wood sign:
- 7.25" x 7.25" Sign Base w/Frame (not attached)
- Stencil of your choice
- Fusion Mineral Paint colors of your choice
- Stain color for frame
- 2 Foam brushes
- Fusion Mineral Paint Decoupage & Transfer Medium to seal stencil (from bleeding)
- Detailed instructions

There are many stencil choices to choose from. Click here for stencil design options.

Each wood sign has a different character (knots, grain, holes, etc.). Your sign may not be identical to the one pictured, as there are slight variation in wood. Every piece is one-of-a-kind and personalized for you.

COST: $35/each kit.

  • $25.00