DIY Framed Mini Signs Kit

Our DIY Framed Mini Sign Kits comes with everything you need to make framed wood sign for your home. It is perfect to make on your own or get a group of friends together for a craft night. Each of you can select your own custom design.

This mini framed wood signs measure 8" x 8" inches. They stand alone and can be easily moved to redecorate as you desire.  Sign backers are easily removable so you can paint your backer and frame separately, and able to reassemble with ease! Perfect for double sided seasonal signs! *All signs are guaranteed to have ONE side clear of knot fillers. The second side may or may not have knot fillers.


  • 8" X 8"" Sign Base w/Frame 
  • 1 vinyl stencil 
  • stain for frame 
  • 2 foam brushes
  • 120 grit and 400 grit sandpaper
  • Medium for sealing stencil
  • Instructions

SHOP PAINT. Two - Three sample tester jars of Fusion Mineral Paint is all you need.

Shop Brushes. We recommend our Premium DIY Paint Brush Set.

  • $25.00