DIY KIT - Macramé Coaster Kit

These DIY Macramé Coaster Kits are great for macramé enthusiasts or anyone who loves home décor and crafting! The knots used here are very easy to learn and the entire process can get very relaxing and meditative once you’ve mastered the technique.

Kits are available in SINGLE COLORS ONLY:

  • RAW

This kit will help you make your very own coaster which will be perfect to:
- Rest a hot cup of tea/coffee
- Place a candle or a diffuser
- Show off your healthy plant baby
- Style some crystals
- Anything else you can imagine

This kit includes:
- 100% recycled cotton macramé cord to make 1 coaster
- 1 biodegradable comb made of corn husk & corn starch
- 1 wooden dowel
- Instructions to make the coaster in video format

You will need:
- A pair of scissors
- A clipboard or tape

You will be able to make 1 coaster with this kit.

  • $7.00
  • $23.95