DIY Porch Sign Planter Kit

***These kits are all made to order.  Please expect these to take 5-7 days to be ready.

Our NEW Porch Sign Planter DIY Kits are a great way to help accessorize the first place people see as they enter your home! Choose designs for the top and bottom portions. 

Sometimes you might think that you are not creative enough to do something like this, but we guarantee you can with our DIY Instructions.  We take you step-by-step thru the process.  We use vinyl stencils to help you through the painting process, so no hand painting here!  You can also customize your home décor by choosing from over 50 paint colors.

Kit Supplies include:

  • 1 - 9.25" x 48" Porch Sign Planter
  • Vinyl Stencil
  • 1 Stain Color/Paint Color for Body of Sign/Planter
  • 1 Paint color for the design
  • 2 foam brushes
  • 120 Grit and 400 Grit sandpapers
  • Fusion Mineral Paint Decoupage Medium for sealing stencil.
  • Instructions

You will need painters tape to help with stencil application, and a water-based topcoat to seal porch sign before putting outside.  We do recommend our Clear Tough Coat (when doing the stained finish).

Choose Paint.  Click here to view colors and provide your selection in the appropriate boxes. If you would like more colors you can purchase them here.

Need brushes? We recommend a two-inch bristle brush for this project.

View Designs in the pictures.  Make note of the Design Name so that you can add it to the form below.

NOTE: With any extreme hot temperatures(+30 or higher), please make sure to set these in a cooler area as there is a tendency for the glue used to manufacture the wood to weaken causing split or cracks in the wood.

  • $85.00