DIY Sign Kit - HERBS 3 Pc Set

DIY Sign Kit - HERBS 3 Pc Set


Our DIY Herb Sign Kit consists of 3 pieces. A great set for layering or to split apart.

Sometimes you might think that you are not creative enough to do something like this, but we guarantee you can with our DIY Instructions. We take you step-by-step thru the process. We use vinyl stencils to help you through the painting process, so no hand painting here! You can also customize your home decor by choosing from over 50 paint colors.

Kit Supplies included:

  • 3 Sign Bases - 12" x 18"(2) and 6" x 12"(1)
  • Vinyl Stencils/instructions
  • 1 foam brush
  • Fusion Mineral Paint Decoupage Medium for sealing stencil
  • 120 grit and 400 grit Sandpapers
  • 2 Fusion Mineral Paint Colors - Base and Design

Choose base color and font color to suit your decor.  

VIEW PAINT. Visit here to see all of our Fusion Mineral Paint Colors and enter them on our form below to prepare your kit.  If you wish to paint your design in more colors, you can add on testers of your desired colors.

Shop Brushes. We recommend a 1 inch brush and 2 inch brush to complete.

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