INTERCHANGEABLE Gnome Sign DIY Kit w/12 arm cutouts

Our Interchangeable Gnome sign kit is the perfect adornment for your Front Door! All pieces come unfinished allowing you to paint to the colors of your liking.  There is an option for an interchangeable hat to coordinate with your hand options.


  • Unfinished 18" Shiplap Sign Back
  • Unfinished Gnome with BASE Set 12 Arm Cutouts + Bonus COFFEE MUG
  • Unfinished WELCOME TO OUR GNOME Cutout(Adhesive Backing)
  • 16 Velcro pieces
  • 6 pc Premium Brush Set
  • Sandpaper
  • Foam Brush
  • 2 Inch Synthetic Brush
  • 2 D Rings for Hanging(would suggest a command strip at the bottom to help it from moving)
  • BASE Stain and Paint Color
  • Video Instructions

Not Included but will need - Wood Glue, Drill, Drill Bit, Screwdriver, Command Strip.

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*Each additional Design piece is $5.  This includes a set of Velcro, 2 new hands and arms(to place over the base design) and the actual arm design.

**Interchangeable Hat includes Hat and 3 Velcro pieces.

***Samples Colors: Weathered Oak and Casement(BASE), Weathered Oak, Casement, Coal Black, Algonquin, Champlain(GNOME), Algonquin, Champlain, Tiffany, Cathedral Taupe and Weathered Oak(ARM DESIGN)

  • $99.00