Scrabble Tile Kits

Have fun creating your own words as accents in your home or add to your already existing tiles you have created in our workshops.

Tile Add On
1 Tile/1 Vinyl Letter $6
1 Tile/2 Vinyl Letters $8 (reversible)

Scrabble Tile Kits/Stand
4 Tile Pieces w/Stand - $37 (4 Letters/1 Designs)
5 Tile Pieces w/Stand - $44 (4 Letters/3 Designs)
6 Tile Pieces w/Stand - $51 (4 Letters/5 Designs)
8 Tile Pieces w/Stand - $61 (4 Letters/9 Designs)

Watch for NEW Designs to be added all the time!

Tile size 3.5" x 3.5"

Scrabble Tile Holder 15" long (Fits 4 Scrabble Tiles)

Kit includes your stain color for your tiles and the paint color for your scrabble tile base/letters. 

You can purchase paint testers for $5 for the colors you wish to use for your designs.

SHOP PAINT. Tester jars of Fusion Mineral Paint is all you need.

Need brushes? We recommend a one-inch bristle brush for this project.

Sample Colors:  Coal Black (Base and Letters), Driftwood Stain

  • $6.00