Scrabble Tile Kits

Scrabble Tile Kits


Have fun creating your own words as accents in your home or add to your already existing tiles you have created in our workshops.

Tile Add On
1 Tile/1 Vinyl Letter $6
1 Tile/2 Vinyl Letters $8 (reversible)

Scrabble Tile Kits/Stand
4 Tile Pieces w/Stand - $37 (4 Letters/1 Designs)
5 Tile Pieces w/Stand - $44 (4 Letters/3 Designs)
6 Tile Pieces w/Stand - $51 (4 Letters/5 Designs)
8 Tile Pieces w/Stand - $61 (4 Letters/9 Designs)

Watch for NEW Designs to be added all the time!

Tile size 3.5" x 3.5"

Scrabble Tile Holder 15" long (Fits 4 Scrabble Tiles)

Kit includes your stain color for your tiles and the paint color for your scrabble tile base/letters. 

You can purchase paint testers for $5 for the colors you wish to use for your designs.

SHOP PAINT. Tester jars of Fusion Mineral Paint is all you need.

Need brushes? We recommend a one-inch bristle brush for this project.

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