Youth DIY Sign Kits

Our TAKE & MAKE Kits are a wonderful way to get kid's creating!  At home, birthday parties, family gatherings....ANYWHERE you want to get creative!

Our kit includes:

  • 3 paint colors
  • 1 foam brush
  • sealant for stencil
  • sandpaper
  • Instructions
  • Wood sign base 8" x 13"
  • 1 Vinyl Stencil Design

Visit here to select your 3 colors or check out our Custom Blended Color Chart on this page.  Be sure to make note of the names. If you wish to get more than the 3 colors provided in the kit, you can order the Tester Sizes here.

***A neutral background allows for the design colors to be seen such as Casement(white) or Raw Silk(Off-White).

Need brushes? We recommend a one-inch bristle brush for this project.

Receive 15% off when purchasing 2 or more of this kit.

  • $35.00