Youth DIY Sign Kits

Our TAKE & MAKE Kits are a wonderful way to get kid's creating!  At home, birthday parties, family gatherings....ANYWHERE you want to get creative!

Our kit includes:

  • 3 paint colors
  • 1 foam brush
  • sealant for stencil
  • sandpaper
  • Instructions
  • Wood sign base 8" x 13"
  • 1 Vinyl Stencil Design

Visit PAINT or check out our Designer Colors located in the pictures.  Be sure to make note of the names. If you wish to paint your design in more colors, you can add on testers of your desired colors.

***A neutral background allows for the design colors to be seen such as Casement(white) or Raw Silk(Off-White).

Need brushes? We recommend our Premium DIY Paint Brush Set for this project.

  • $29.00