Introducing Our Brand New SPRING/EASTER Porch Sign Kit!

Elevate your front entryway with our vibrant and eye-catching Spring/Easter Porch Sign Kit! Featuring colorful designs that are sure to make a statement, these laser-cut porch signs offer a perfect touch of seasonal charm.

 Choose Your Unique Design:

  • Bunny Design
  • Gnome Design
  • Welcome Design

 Kit Includes:

  • 1 porch sign base 11" x 48" + laser cut design choice
  • Background color options (stain or paint)
  • Paint and tools:
    • Paint
    • 1 foam brush
    • 2 foam wedges
    • 400 Grit sandpapers
  • Instructions
  • Bunny colors (Algonquin + Chateau included)
  • Nose Color for Gnome(Nude included)

 Assembly Tips:

  • Painter's tape recommended for template layout
  • Water-based topcoat for sealing before outdoor use
  • Wood glue required for assembly
  • Pin nailer (optional but helpful)

 Customization Options:

  • Explore Fusion Mineral Paint Colors for your design
  • Additional testers available for more color variety

 Recommended Brushes:

 Sample Colors:

  • Bunny Porch Sign: Casement, Apricot, Olive, Cider, Oakham, Wheat, Algonquin, Chateau, and Whole Wheat Stain (Base)
  • Gnome Porch Sign: Casement, Inglenook, Papaya, Wheat, and Whole Wheat Stain (Base)
  • Welcome Porch Sign: Papaya, Lilac, Olive, Inglenook, and Whole Wheat Stain (Base)

 Please note: Porch Sign DIY kits are not shippable items.

 Preparation Time: Kindly allow 1-2 weeks for the preparation of your kit, as the porch sign base requires careful attention. Availability of this product is subject to lumber availability.

  • $67.00