Fusion™ glides beautifully onto your surface, a high quality product deserves high quality tools.

We have an entire repertoire of brushes sure to meet any of your painting needs.

Natural Bristle Brushes give you a hand painted look, with more brush strokes and texture. The round brush will be able to holds onto a good amount of paint allowing for a nice application.

Be sure to use our Brush Cleaner to keep your bristles in pristine condition!

***TIP - All brushes, no matter the price and quality, lose bristles when new. So you don’t need to rush back to the store where you purchased yours for a replacement.

As soon as you unwrap your new brush, hold it firmly and pull on the bristles a few times to coax any loose hairs out. Then use Fusion™ Brush Cleaner to clean your brush well. Let dry and paint away! 

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  • $4.50