Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the Creative Maker Box MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION?

Our Creative Maker Box is $54/month + the cost of shipping(if required).  Each Subscription Box has its own shipping cost.  If you are ordering more than 1 subscription please do it separately so that the proper shipping charges will be applied.

What is the MINIMUM SUBSCRIPTION commitment?

Our Creative Maker Subscription Box minimum commitment is 1 month. Each month you subscribe you will be saving on the cost of the DIY project that will be released in that months box. It will be available afterwards in our DIY kit section but will be only available at its regular price.

    When will I be charged for my Box?

    • Your first subscription payment will be charged on the purchase date. Every month thereafter will be charged on the 1st of the month.

    Can I skip, pause or cancel my Subscription?

    • Yes you can! Skipping, pausing or canceling your subscription must be done at least 1 week before the release of the new box(First of the Month).One week prior to the end of the month you'll receive an email letting you know that your subscription payment is about to be taken. This is the last day you can do this.  If you skip AFTER your renewal has already processed on the 1st, you will still receive your subscription box that month.  If you log into your grayne + co. account , you can skip or pause before your payment is processed on the 1st.  We DO NOT refund on Subscription Boxes
    • ***Please make sure and add to your address book, otherwise your notifications may end up in your SPAM FOLDER.

    When will my order be shipped?

    • Boxes are shipped/or ready for pickup on the 1st of the month. *Exception: If Shipping date falls on a Sunday/Monday or Holiday, all boxes will be sent on the following business day. Any signs up after the 1st of the month will be shipped right away until the cut of the 15th of the month.

    What are the shipping costs?

    • If you are in Lethbridge and area, you can pick up your subscription box for free on the 1st of that month(or the 1st business day we are open). Please use PROMO code LOCALPICKUP when checking out. We will have a flat rate shipping cost of $15 (Canada ONLY) to ship your box every month. Shipping costs to the United States will be calculated at checkout.

    When is the current months subscription available to purchase?

    • Each new months subscription is available from the 16th day of the month before to the 15th day of the subscription month.  For example.  January's Creative Maker Box can start to be purchased on December 16th but won't be available for pickup until January 1st(or the next day that we are open).  Subscriptions purchased on January 1st to the 15th will be available for pickup/shipping right away if there is available stock.

    Does the Subscription automatically renew?

    • Once your purchase your first subscription box, it is an ongoing charge until you decide to pause/skip/cancel.

    How do I get the FREE Premium Quality Brush Set Bundle with my subscription?

    • With your FIRST Subscription Box you will receive the FREE Bundle with your box.

      Can I add on other items when ordering the Subscription box?

      • Yes you can but it needs to be placed as a second order.  In the notes please indicate that you would like this shipped with your Subscription Box.  If the additional order is over $200 then there will be no additional shipping + handling charges.  If the order is under the $200, it will charge you shipping + handling.  Once your order is packaged up with your Subscription Box, we will refund the difference on the shipping costs.

      If I purchase multiple subscriptions under one plan, is the shipping free if over $200?

      • No.  When multiple subscription boxes are purchased under one plan, it will only charge one shipping fee($15) which is only covering the shipping for one box.  Once subscriptions are packaged up, an invoice for the additional shipping charges will be sent to the subscriber. 

      The Subscription Box pickup/shipping schedule is as follows.

      • SHIPS January 1st (Valentine’s Themed)
      (available December 16th - January 15th)

      • SHIPS February 1st (TBA)
      (available January 16th - February 15th)

      • SHIPS March 1st (Easter Themed)
      (available February 16th - March 15th)

      • SHIPS April 1st (Spring Themed)
      (available March 16th - April 15th)

      • SHIPS May 1st (Personalized)
      (available April 16th - May 15th)

      • SHIPS June 1st (Canada Day Themed)
      (available May 16th - June 15th)

      • SHIPS July 1st (Summer Themed)
      (available June 16th - July 15th)

      • SHIPS August 1st (Sunflower Themed)
      (available July 16th - August 15th)

      • SHIPS September 1st (Fall Themed)
      (available August 16th - September 15th)

      • SHIPS October 1st (Halloween Themed)
      (available September 16th - October 15th)

      • SHIPS November 1st (Christmas Themed)
      (available October 16th - November 15th)

      • SHIPS December 1st (Winter Themed)
      (available November 16th - December 15th)